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HANSE Group International since 1983 

HANSE ENERGY HOLDING LTD acts as the interface between HANSE Group companies and energy markets around the world 1983-2023.

LANDING PAGE 2023  -  Welcome 

we are working for you 2Q. 2023

Energy Consulting & Brokerage

We offer consulting service in energy and commodities products across the globe and are committed to servicing our clients in a wide range of energy and energy-related markets.

HANSE E is an energy procurement consultancy with an international team of energy experts that offer a unique blend of global capabilities and local expertise subject to HANSE Licensing

 Finance-Management, Investments

Renewable Energy Financing and Sustainable Finance Advisory. We provide technical, financial, and procurement resources to deliver solar projects.

 Shipping, Storage and Marine Insurance

The HANSE Shipping Program aims to find scalable solutions for efficient and environmentally friendly shipping worldwide. HANSE provides a range of energy transportation services and Know How.

We offer deep expertise in trading oil, we source barrels of oil from throughout the globe, and have unparalleled access to HANSE's global assets, and through our network also source barrels from other producers, which provides us with access to all the key crude grades, and refined products

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