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HANSE 1983-2024: An innovative, reliable partner and interface between the HANSE OIL Group and the global energy and oil markets.


LANDING PAGE 2024  Welcome 

We are a private global energy trading and finance holding company, possibly the first of its size, scope and independence. All of our executive partners are accredited and licensed with proven business standing.

Energy Consulting & Brokerage

We provide energy and commodity advisory services globally and are committed to serving our clients in a wide range of energy and energy-related markets.

HANSE EH is an energy procurement consultancy with an international team of energy experts offering a unique blend of global capabilities and local expertise under HANSE Licensing.

 Finance-Management, Investments

HANSE provides investment and financing solutions ranging from advisory services to debt and equity financing options for technology companies, including start-ups.

 Shipping, Storage and Marine Insurance

The HANSE Shipping Program aims to find scalable solutions for efficient and environmentally friendly shipping worldwide. HANSE provides a range of services and know-how in the field of energy transportation.

In the first half of the year, HANSE OIL handled a total of 14 offshore joint ventures worldwide for the settlement of individual energy and oil transactions. Although the aim of such ventures is to completely dissolve the joint venture after settlement, business activities and partnerships with 9 companies were successfully continued. Such joint ventures are pure winding-up companies with 2 shareholders (HANSE and Trader) led by the HANSE Group with a shareholding ratio of 52/48%.

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